After reading this thread I was convinced I needed protein and got some gpb. Wrong! My hair is now practically straight! It is very soft except for the ends which are a bit fried. I'm a bit confused now. Can I be both over conditioned and proteined? This balance game is driving me nuts. Hope it works better for y'all!
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Is your signature up to date? Looks like you have some cones in there, even if they don't build up they can block out anything from penetrating. Why did you protein two days straight? Could be the combination of protein, heavy conditioners and cones are building up on your hair - AFAIK what people refer to as overconditioning is not the same as simply needing to clarify. Or could be because you didn't deep condition after the protein treatments.
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Don't know about 'cones, but your products have polyquats and mineral oil--Heaven in Hair (polyquats 7 and 10), NoPoo (polyquat 7) and Joico K-Pak (mineral oil.) All cause issues for me. I'm told that the polyquats don't build up, but I need a pretty strong surfactant to remove them. There are some people who can use mineral oil, but most of us stay away from it. As firefox said, something may be coating your hair and not letting in the moisture. My guess would be the polyquats and mineral oil.

Although I use really rich products, I can't use the SM Coconut & Hibiscus. It too heavy--if you get the difference. It just sits on my hair and doesn't absorb.
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My signature really wasn't up to date. I have stopped using the Shea & Garnier products and I've since updated it. I've never given cones a consideration. This morning I made an avocado, banana and EVOO mask followed by Deva Nopoo, ACV rinse and Deva OneCondition. My curls are very happy again. Even my stubborn ones on the top layer. You can add egg to this recipe, I might do that down the road. Thanks so much for both of your thoughts!!!
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Hair Type:
2b/c(top layer) 2c/3a (under layers)
Porosity: Low
Density: High
Width: Fine on top/Medium underneath

blonde hi-lights

Products & process:
(still figuring this out!!)

Trader Joe's Mint Tea Shampoo every 3/4 days
Trader Joe's Nourishing Conditioner
Deva One Condition LI or Shea Moisture LI
Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Creame
Plop about 20 minutes
Clip roots
Air Dry

Lavender Mist as needed to revive curls
Pineapple at night