If the rules clearly stated no provocative dancing like freaking, then twerking would be included in that category. I think they should be able to participate in graduation. That video was sexual. It looked as if they belonged in a strip club and the guy was their pimp.

I do understand that booty shaking is part of many West African dances and it isn't always sexual. But in America, booty shaking is usually sexual or attention getting. There isn't anything wrong with that but I am disturbed by the girls being in high school and okay with this guy filming it. The guy in the video and the message at the end of "making his dream come true" made me feel that humankind has taken a step backwards since the 70s of women being more than sex objects for guys' amusement.

I am 32 and never liked that type of dancing. It never appealed to me, but this was around in the late 90s and early 2000s.

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Originally Posted by multicultcurly
Oddly though. I have a sense of humor.. But I KNOW why the school found it offensive. See the guy onlooking... See the girls dancing.

And that's all I'm saying.... About that.

Now. I know school policy is school policy... But I have a feeling if the dancers resembled the guy in the video... This wouldn't have been punished so strictly.

So is the way if our country.