I've been thinking about this whole thing and just not sure how I feel about it all. The actual dance is ugly and vulgar and quite weird when done upside down against a wall (don't get it). That said, every generation has some stupid thing that they 'do'.

I would be ashamed if any of these were my kids. But then, I notice that most girls go to the prom nowadays dressed like low class call girls so I'm guessing modern day parents don't really care about such things.
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My 16yo girl and 17yo boy both said its done upside down because you can get more movement from the hips/butt.

I hate clothes shopping with my 16yo daughter. The clothes are so trashy. 1/2" inseam is very common. It's ridiculous. And shopping for party dresses? Forget it.
I'm so thankful she does t want to dress like this yet.