I agree that the punishment is suitable. I don't consider twerking dancing when the only thing you do is shake your butt. Dance is an expressive art in all of it's forms from ballroom to hiphop. If we would have done this at my high school, the punishment would have been the same or worse. There are videos of children doing this and thinking it's cute, it's not. There are who are famous because of twerking why? There is a video of a father spanking his two daughters because he caught them making a twerk video. Everyone made a big deal out of it and said he was abusing them because he used a belt and used force. I don't think it's slut slamming, the punishment to be suspended and not participate in graduation and prom is a common punishment, when I was in high school kids received it for fighting,talking back, and ditching class. Males and females alike.
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That's what I'm saying. Twerking is not about dancing. It's a purely sexual thing. Why else would it be their ass that they're shaking?
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Yes but so? Isn't that what teenager start doing? It's just a dance. As RCW pointed out, every generation has their dirty/provactive dance, it's normal. Also I'm assuming they weren't humping on each other and just shaking their asses. Big deal.