I started CG back in March, but now in May I'm throwing in the towel. I make only sixty bucks a week and I just can't afford all the trial and error, plus it seems like CG approved products are hard to find and too expensive when I find them. My hair also hasn't been as soft, and I've always associated my hair being soft with it being moisturized. It's just been dry.

I wanted to go until the end of summer, but I just can't. My hair is too dry and my wallet just can't handle it. I'm going back to my regular products tomorrow. Besides, even before I was using CG products, I was still following the technique.

There are CG products I like--the Shea Moisture shampoo is really nice on my hair so far, so I'm going to keep using it once a week and clarify with a sulfate shampoo once a month when I DC. Otherwise I'm going back to my other products, and wait until I have more money before I go CG again.
3C, almost shoulder length (when stretched). Low Porosity, Protein Sensitive.
Low Poo: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
Shampoo: Proclaim Olive Glossing Shampoo
RO: Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Co-Wash
LI: Proclaim Olive Glossing Condish
Oils: JBCO, EVOO, Grapeseed Oil
Styling: Fantasia IC Hair Polisher
DC: Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm