I have 3a curls and my hair is short (every curly is about 4 inches long because it's growing out from me having a shaved head). I work in retail and deal with many people every day (usually familiar faces) and normally I get the "Is your hair naturally like that?" and it's usually a GOOD thing. I tell them yes and they look at me like they can't believe it and they tell me how some people would kill to have my curls. I had worked at this store for a year (all while having my head shaved) and then I quit for about ten months but came back. For eight or so of those ten months, I was growing out my hair so the customers were shocked when I came back because they didn't realize that I had such curly hair.

Yesterday, this one woman says to me "I'm still not sure if I like the curls or not." or something like that. And I was confused because normally I get GOOD feedback. And I forget what my response was but we talked about my shaved head and I said something about missing it sometimes but that I liked my hair now. And then she asked the question "Is your hair naturally like that?" and I said "Yes." and she was like "Oh, no. Then I would keep it. I wouldn't cut it off." But I just didn't like how she came at me and said that. It's my hair... why should it matter if you like it or not? I don't know why. Even though her attitude changed once she found out it was natural, it still just bothered me. :/