Anyone else who'd like to share her experiences?

Someone suggested I'd try Pattern Pusha and after having done my research, I'm not sure. People seem to like Pattern Pusha, but prefer KCCC over it (generally speaking). There were also a lot of comparisons to the Ecostylers. It seems that these are more readily available in the Netherlands for way less money (25,- for 8 oz KCCC vs. 3,95 for any Ecostyler 16 oz) but I'm not sure about the Ecostyler. Obviously I should get one without oils, but what holds me back is that people say Ecostylers weigh your hair down more than KCCC does. My hair already weighs down very easily so that's why I'm guessing the Ecostyler might not be right for me. If anyone has some experiences in this regard, please let me know.
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