I haven't used this forum in a long time and mostly was on the hair forums. But I need some advice and you ladies have always been good with that....

My friend and I found a very young kitten outside of our work place. Crying, no mother in sight, we talked to a woman who lives in the house by it and she said it had been crying for two days with no mother cat appearing. We got a box and took it with us.

My friend has a cat already and was worried about feline diseases, so we took it to my apartment. I'm not really sure what to do next. I've wanted a cat for really, really long time so I would like to keep him (I think it's a boy), but it's so young. I don't have a picture right now but it looks very similar to this:

It can't walk very well (drags it's legs a bit, and is wobbly, but pretty good at climbing up my shirt), and meows A LOT. It's eyes are still blue and look like they very recently opened....it doesn't appear to be able to see very well, but it can hear and smell. I bought some kitten milk replacement and a bottle, and I burp it after feeding it and then try to get it to go to the bathroom. I do plan to get it checked out by a vet this afternoon.

My biggest concerns are:

At such a young age, can I keep this kitten? Will it survive without a mother, and will it learn normal cat behaviors?

I have to work and live alone.....can it be alone in the house while I'm at work? It's currently inside a tall box lined with towels and blankets with a little clock inside a sock (I heard the ticking reminds kittens for their mother's heart beat).

I'm worried about the constant mewling and crying. I live in an apt building and have neighbors. Will it grow out of this behavior?

Should I just take it to a shelter, or does it have a better chance with me? Like I said, I have been wanting a cat for a while now. I've already named it Yossarian.

Basically I've never had a kitten this young before....so any advice from cat people is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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