I'm wanting to try:

Jessicurl stuff- RR & CC, and the gentle shampoo & deep condish

Curl Junkie conditioners

Spiral Solutions Protein treatment

Original Moxie Just Gel- since it's FSG that doesn't have to be refrigerated!

BUT...I have spent a small fortune on products, and until I use some up, or swap or sell, or something....I just can't justify any more purchases. It will take years to use up what I have, lol!

My HG products will condition, control frizz, enhance curl, and hold my definition until 5 pm. Is that too much to ask???!!!!
Originally Posted by chloe92us
Since you and I are basically hair twins, I can tell you that I tried the Jessicurl stuff and was horribly disappointed. The SS Protein Treatment was worth waiting for, and I liked CJ conditioners well enough, but not enough to continue to reorder.

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