Oh....that is an important distinction. I re-read and I think you're right! So if I pick it up, pet it, etc every time it starts crying.....that's good? And not teaching it to cry?
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No you're not teaching it to cry, only responding to it's needs. They cry when they're hungry, cold, lonely, scared, etc. It's not normal or natural of a newborn kitten to be alone. Moms don't leave newborns except to eat or use the bathroom, and then they have their siblings. And keep in mind the kitten has just been through a huge trauma of losing it's mom and whole family, it's going to need extra comfort.

They form very strong bonds with their family. With my cat, the litter was separated in a thunderstorm and ended up with different people in the neighborhood. When they were old enough, they started visiting each other, and getting lovey dovey with the other owners. Some of them hadn't seen each other in a year, but they still remembered. That's how strong the bonds they form are.