Forgot to mention what my dream products would do in my post

All my products must create big, voluminous, frizz free ringlets. But don't necessarily have to start at the root (I actually like it when it is slightly wavy on top ). Also, it must help create big, thick clumps.

My low-poo must remove light build-ups and over-conditioning, without stripping it dry. And it must have proteins and some moisturizing oils and panthenol. (I already have this great product )

My co-wash has to be very light without any chance of getting build-up... but must have lots of proteins.

My rinse out would have lots and lots of proteins and have moisturizing and great oils like coconut and argan... it must also provide good slip. (I actually already have this dream conditioner )

My leave in must be very very light, no oils at all for my easily over-conditioned and over-oiled hair. BUT it must have LOTS of proteins, and panthenol would be good as well. No drying alcohols etc. even if it's low on the ingredients list. Must smell delicious.

My styler must have light or medium hold or in between, have proteins, maybe some peg-40 hydrogenated castor oil (my hair loves that stuff, and it doesn't weigh it down or give any build-up issues). No drying alcohols etc. even if it's low on the ingredients list. No build-up stuff. Must smell delicious. Lol.

LOL I'm asking a lot

I already have my ideal sealer (grapeseed oil) and ideal hair growth stimulator (Jamaican Black castor oil with coconut oil, I massage my scalp with that (helps sooo much!). And other than that I drink looots of water and have supplement pills with extra vitamins, minerals, etc).

Current length: tailbone
Goal length: mid-thigh (wet)
3A/2C M iii med por, high elast

Clarify: Nivea
Lo-poo: Nature's Gate
CW: Elvive Volume Collagen
RO: EO Keratin, Desert Essence Raspberry

LI: Elvive volume collagen, KCKT
Seal: Grapeseed oil
Gel: Studioline

PT: EO Keratin co
DT: RO+oils
Hairgrowth stim.: JBCO+EVCO 5-10$ discount code:
VHT541 Many natural hair products!

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