I may try mixing it in with a leave in first, but I am currently needing to find a better one since mine has cones and maybe a few other things it shouldn't anyway.

My only concern is that I still have trouble getting it distributed in my hair without breaking up my curls and causing frizz. I find I honestly get the best results when I barely touch it even for my LI. I use so little of that I am ok with it barely distributing usually. I feel like to get the MO on I would really want to concentrate on the frizziest parts which are the worst if I touch them at all.

I'll have to figure that out firefox. I am still trying to decide on gel... I pulled out an old one I used to use today to try and not sure I like it though it's pretty cone heavy. I don't really know when I should use the gel though. Today I tried after plopping because I think it would cause less than stellar results on my fine hair before plopping but I feel like the sealing should be done before. I dunno.