I was confused by the 911 dispatchers. Are they allowed to sound that annoyed?

Amanda Berry wanted to stay on the phone with her dispatcher, I guess because she was scared, but the operator just kept telling her the police would be there and then hurried her off the phone. Also when Charles Ramsey was asked by 911 if the Amanda needed an ambulance, he eventually replied, "she's been kidnapped for 10 years, she needs all kinds of help. Just send everything." To which the dispatcher replied in an annoyed tone, "I'll just send a police car." Even if dispatch thought Charles sounded crazy (which, yeah), he could have kept his side comments to himself and sent a police car if he felt the calls were fake or something.

I guess I just expected more compassion. I think the dispatchers know what area people are calling from and if it's a poor area, they're just rude.