I'm a modified cg because I know my hair won't react well to only 'washing' (in my opinion is not cleaning) with conditioner. While my hair maybe moisturized, it won't be clean. My shampoo has a gentle cleanser & my hair is soft. But my hair is cheap. It likes a water spritz, 3-in 1 shampoo/conditioner/de-tangle, coconut oil for my scalp/sealer, & twist & lock gel. All of these things are cheap. My hair & I love it.
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I don't know your hair so I can't say what it will do. But you have the wrong idea about conditioner-only washing, it does not have to be about moisturising your hair, it's about not lifting the cuticle and not stripping the bound structural lipids. You also have the wrong idea about the cost perhaps based on people discussing pricey branded cleansing conditioners on this forum.

I use Inecto which I purchase from a discounter for less than $2.50: it foams, cleanses even a heavy coconut oiling to the point my hair is literally 'squeaky' when rinsed. Frankly it does a better job than shampoo of getting the oil out! My hair is not moisturised until I do a 'proper' condition and I never get any build up. There are no humectants or oils in the product to speak of it's really basic mostly cationic surfactants (the cleansers) and water.

Many UK curlies use the cheapest of the cheap grocery store conditioners, well under $5 for a large bottle and again not moisturising just not stripping. AFAIK neither Suave or V05 are expensive and at least some conditioners within those ranges are lightweight, not packed with 'moisturising' ingredients.
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CO-wash: Inecto coconut/ Elvive Volume Collagen
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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