I may try mixing it in with a leave in first, but I am currently needing to find a better one since mine has cones and maybe a few other things it shouldn't anyway.

My only concern is that I still have trouble getting it distributed in my hair without breaking up my curls and causing frizz. I find I honestly get the best results when I barely touch it even for my LI. I use so little of that I am ok with it barely distributing usually. I feel like to get the MO on I would really want to concentrate on the frizziest parts which are the worst if I touch them at all.

I'll have to figure that out firefox. I am still trying to decide on gel... I pulled out an old one I used to use today to try and not sure I like it though it's pretty cone heavy. I don't really know when I should use the gel though. Today I tried after plopping because I think it would cause less than stellar results on my fine hair before plopping but I feel like the sealing should be done before. I dunno.
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You can't really make a decision on what techniques work if your products are not CG. Silicones for many of us either drag down curl or leaves you with ill defined curls/ frizz or both, whereas a styler/ gel very much helps you create and hold clumps.

I picked up one technique/ product at a time when I started, until eventually I came to accept CG works best as a full system, with logical modifications if that is not working. You are identifying that you need mineral oil to seal, yet you are already using silicones to seal. CG hair clumps due to hydration but you are not using the products that work towards that goal.
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I'm sorry, but I have to completely disagree with this. There are many ladies out there who do not use CG products and still have amazing looking and healthy hair. Technique is much more important than products, and I have my own hair journey as proof of that. CG isn't an all or nothing concept. Like lots of other things in life you take what you need and leave the rest.

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