Put it in soaking wet hair - I actually smooth it down the clumps and then scrunch it in. As long as my hair is really wet and has LI in it, my curls don't get disrupted.
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I meant to respond to this too, but forgot.

I think your curl pattern might be a bit more resilient than mine. I find even scrunching messes mine up a lot. I have to super lightly scrunch more from the sides to put my LI in if I want to keep a good curl. Likewise if I let water run down my hair it smoothes it out nicely but as soon as I touch it after that it starts to web for lack of a better word and tangle. I also can't flip my hair upside down without it doing the same thing. I have to very carefully turn it over and sort of shake it at the roots with my finger to get it to fall down right and even then I end up with some broken curls. I think having to do these things is why my top curls are so much worse than my under curls and the frizz. The days I am able to do less are usually my better days. I am still trying to find the right method for me for applying product because of this.