at this point I am not sure if I will be pure CG or modified, I am just figuring it all out, so some of the products I am using now are just because they are what I bought and I don't want to waste them. I am also still doing research before I decide on any products to try. But I do agree that modified seems to work better for some and everyone just has to find their perfect way through trial and error.
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Dont worry too much about labels, at the end its about what works for your hair. In the beginning, I think non sulfate cleansers are a safe bet to get started in combo with a gel. Simple. I did the whole cowashing, hated that. After a year full cg my hair is ridiculously healthy and I'm back to 'cones, oils and I just added a sulfate 'poo. Very damaged or dry hair will benefit from the gentler cg products but i have to agree its not about a specific ingredient in and of itself. Many cg products failed despite havig the "best" ingredients. And now I get great results from "bad" ingredients. So experiment, and have fun! Everyone is here to help
2C-3A MBL layered
Medium/fine texture, high density, normal porosity and elasticity. Dry climate.

Cleanse: SM MR, YTC
Hydrate: Joico Kpak,DevaCurl OC
Style: AG reCoil, LALSG