I'm new to the cg method and I live doing DIY stuff. So I'm looking for DIY shampoo and condish recipes!! So please share!!!!

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I tried so hard to go completely DIY - it did awful things to my hair. This is what I have learnt from a lot of DIY (fun) failures :

- I don't need a shampoo but I do need a clarifier. To clarify I just add bicarb to my conditioner and it works really well at removing build up. Most effective way is to apply it with a spray bottle to make sure you target your roots.

NOTE: I also use a Henna Hair Wax regularly and it does a really good job of leaving my hair clean but not stripped. My Henna Hair wax is a bargain, it's $5 for 500g tub, I don't know if you can get something like this in the U.S. but maybe this is something you can DIY. I'v found that using this in place of a shampoo (put on after my co-wash) has done wonders for my hair.

- ACV is just not moisturising enough to use on it own as a conditioner for my hair.

- There is no need to buy a DC when so many things in my panty work just as well. Coconut oil alone is better then most of the DC available hear in AUS.

- It really is hard to get away from using a good conditioner if your hair needs mositure - BUT that this is really the only product that I need to buy for my hair. Pre-poo, DC, Sealer, Gell, Clarifier, I can make all of these my self from things in my pantry. Most of them from Coconut oil.

Hope this helped!
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