Hi guys! I've asked this before, I have an issue with my scalp where it.... Well.... Smells. I really need help here, I didn't get any answers before but it's really affecting me;
-I wash my hair once a week (have done for years do I just need to wash my hair more?)
-i used to have yeast infection on scalp (but use medicated shampoo, maybe shampoo doesn't work?)
-Started smelling a few years ago when I was like 12 (hormones? If so how do i stop the smell?)
- i dont use any product, just shampoo and conditioner on ends.
People say Tee tree spray is good? Does anyone else have this issue? And do you think it is not a reason to go to doctors? HELP!! Thanks. Xxx

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Originally Posted by Jasmine_13

I'm sorry you're having this problem. But, Tea Tree Spray on scalp should help.

If it is an issue of uneven body chemistry, drinking 4-6 ozs of tomato juice, daily (Campbell's has one) should help, also--In older days They used to use it for eliminating strong odors by bathing in it and drinking it--

Good luck.