Hi Shelly!

I'm not sure about CJ PP. I got a PM this week from someone who wanted to swap it but after doing some research, I'm not entirely convinced if that's the right product for me. I'm a bit wary when it comes to CJ now that I've had almost all products not really working for me. Also, I have CQ and it's okay, but lacks hold so I think I want something with a stronger hold.

I haven't had much time since your reply to research BRHG, but I've seen it a lot on the forum and most people seem to love it and use it over KCCC. I'll have to look into it when I come back from uni later today (having breakfast right now, 07:41 am here), but I'm pretty enthusiastic and though pricey, it's quite easy to get, especially compared to the other products. I just might want to try them both.

Thanks for the kind offer! It's tempting but I know shipping to the Netherlands is expensive, so I'd better get full size products then.

So far I'm liking AO GPB. I had a pretty okay hair day yesterday for a first day (posted a picture in this topic http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...ml#post2167843) and I'm curious to see how today goes. It's still trying and I have to leave for uni now (which sucks because my hair looks terrible when I ride my bike while it's still wet) and it rains (which is a good thing when my hair is already dry...). We'll see, keep you posted!
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