I did add just a little bit of MO to a small water bottle filled with water (has a mist type spray) and tried it on the top layer of hair as a sort of refresher after being out in the heat/wind and I think it did help a little with the frizz. I just sprayed it on and sort of carefully smoothed it down.

So if my other method doesn't end up working out maybe I can fall back on this for the top frizzes once it dries at least. I doubt it will fix them altogether, and I wouldn't want to use too much too often to avoid build-up of the oil, but any little bit helps sometimes.
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Mineral Oil can only be washed out with a sulfate shampoo or coco betaine, so watch out for that. You should be using a shampoo at least sometimes to avoid build up. Also, wouldn't the oil just sit on top of the water or form little circles in it if you shake the bottle a lot? Like, vinegar and water mix, but oil and water don't. Is mineral oil different?

I'm not sure how normal this is for you, but hair that frizzes when it's still wet can often be a sign of build up or of really dry hair. What conditioner are you using on your hair? What routine are you using? I feel like a moisturizing conditioner is really good at defining the hair and preventing frizz. I can apply conditioner to sopping wet, straight out of the shower hair without a problem though. My hair only frizzing if I manipulate it to much after plopping water out. Is it possible that instead of using a leave in, you could just leave in a bit of your conditioner from the showerand maybe just mix the mineral oil with your shower conditioner and gently rinse a little out, while leaving a bit in.
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