Hi PomegranateGirl! I know, I intend to order it via iHerb. Shipping is only $4,- over there (without track & trace though and it takes a few weeks). Thanks for the tip though! I don't think I can use your code since I'm already registered as a customer, but I'm not sure. With regards to KCCC, do you have any pros or cons?

Shelly, you never guess. I did my research on BRHG and discovered that it's not only easy to order it on a Dutch webshop, but I can even get it in store. I couldn't believe that, but I went there and asked them for a sample. I can't wait to try it! Hope it works for me, would be great to be able to get something right from the store instead of having to order online and wait for weeks :-D

Now I'm just wondering... I probably won't wash my hair until upcoming Tuesday. Shall I just try it tomorrow without any of my other styling products or wait until Tuesday? I'm a bit impatient but washing my hair before that will kill my curls. I'm also wondering how much I will have to use, so if you have any tips, please let me know.

Anyone else who can chime in or can tell me more about KCCC, please reply :-)
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