I did use a shampoo with coco betaine today, and generally use a shampoo every wash that is sulfate free. As for combining the water and oil. I put so little it's hard to say if it mixed in and I can see it beading a bit on the sides of bottle, but somehow just misting those two together out of the same bottle works well enough to spread some around. Perhaps you could mix a little conditioner into the same mix to hold it together more. I don't know. It worked wonders though last night when I sprayed it onto my hair, it was pretty close to frizz free and not oily or weighed down at all. I was almost able to refresh this morning with that same mixture except that my curls got too ruined in my restless sleep.

As for moisture, I am still working on finding that right balance. I don't feel like my hair is exceptionally dry, and sometimes I feel like having somewhat lower porosity and fine hair that it gets over moisturized. I did a DT last weekend and also a PT, but need to find the right treatments for me I think as I wasn't too impressed with either. I also clarified that weekend and will probably do so occasionally as needed or maybe once a week.