I am not sure actually. That one really confuses me lol. I did the strand test where you slide your fingers up it.... it felt fairly smooth to me, but it's squeaky, and it's hard to explain but the squeaky factor sort of makes it vibrate so it has resistance that way. If I loosen my pinch on it though and try to feel the texture without getting the squeak it does feel smooth. Furthermore, and I am still experimenting, but sometimes I feel like my hair doesn't do well if I use very much product, so I was thinking maybe it doesn't absorb much. Because I can't make up my mind on the matter I have been kind of going with the assumption it's normal porosity in the middle until I try some more things. The float test, which I know to be somewhat unreliable, was a total fail for me because days later it still wasn't sinking even the slightest bit.