I have really short hair , but in a few weeks it will grow longer and gets tangled ,
What is the best way to detangle hair that is really short ?
I deep condition and use a sulfate free shampoo once a week , i apply leave in conditioner and seal it with olive oil , twice a day and i cowash once or twice a week , in that regimen when is the best time to detangle hair and how often should i do it ?

it will kinda look like this

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Do a deep treatment everytime you co-wash or 'poo your hair and a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair helps alot.

If knots are an issue, you can use a conditioner like Suave Biobasics as your detangler solution (it has great slip and is only a couple of bucks). Then there's kinky-curly knot today detangler and leave-in... HTH.