Okay so I was discussing my loose wave issue (complaining really) on the woes of a wavy thread and it was recommended that I try a hard hold gel so I picked up Volumax Mega, Tres gel (Tressemme), and Giovanni LA gel. When I wet my hair it felt odd so I had one of those lets-add-this-no-maybe-that-instead showers.

Dew point wash day: 58
Dew point next day: 61
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: UR Curly poo, made hair too oily so ...
RO: nickel of DO condish then lots of AO GPB
Leave-in: more DO condish
Styler(s): volumax mega gel

Styling Technique: put about dollar puddle of gel right on top of leave-in and combed all thru, did quick-rinse, squeezed out some. Flipped over to loosen canopy, scrunched and mod-soaked side-to-side. Plopped with heat blast, pixie diffused mostly dry, added one squirt DO SG over canopy with wet hands to smooth.

First Impressions: probably should have rinsed before gel, ended up with combo of fluffy/soft and hard crunchy, maybe need more gel or better distribution too. Wave formation and volume are good though, also very shiny. Will see.

Next day results: pic below is from morning, less volume and wave but still presentable, didn't hold up though. Need to work on gel application.

New things to try:
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This is what I'm happiest with right now.
Co-wash: CJ DailyFix
Lo-poo: DermOrganic low-poo
RO: SS Caitlin's co
Leave-in: SheScentIt Okra Repair condish
PT: SS Caitlin's + SS PT
Stylers: Volumax Mega Gel, Max Green Styling Gel, DermOrganics Spray Gel
Techniques: Plopping & Pixie Diffusing.
glycerin, honey, oils & butters Protein!

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