My SIL co-sleeps with her 9yo and 2yo daughters because that's how she's always done it. ...And 50% of her FB posts are about how tired and sleep-deprived she is.
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I have no patience for that. It's fine to sleep with your kids, or to stay up all night with them, if that's what you think is best, but don't complain about it. The rest of us don't want to hear about your martyrdom.
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Speak for yourself. I love hearing new born stories, empathising, sympathising, identifying other people's experiences with my own & noting the similarities and differences.

It amazes me to no end how similar babies can be and yet each baby is so different each an every one is.

I think mums with new borns are entitled to a good whinge. So if anyone wants to have a whinge about lack of sleep or anything else - it won't fall on deaf ears. Whinge away!