I would think this would be one of them.

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From what I've seen, in-progress break-ins, in-progress domestic violence & runaway children are treated the most urgently.

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It seems to me that an escaped kidnapping victim saying that her captor is going to be back any minute would count as "in progress." I'm not saying that the 911 operator should or should not lose her job. I'm just not on board with a kidnapping that is still in progress would be considered low priority. I think it's more likely that the 911 operator didn't connect right away who she was talking to.

Regarding Ramsey being a felon, I figured it was just a matter of time before something like that came out. He appeared to be high when he was talking to George Stephanopolous this morning.
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Yeah, the things they do don't always make sense. He probably should have stayed on with her but maybe he had other lines ringing? Maybe he didn't consider her in imminent danger bc she was at someone else's house? Who knows.