Jim and I are moving in together this weekend. We are packing his stuff tomorrow and hauling it to my place. He rented a storage unit and will take his furniture there next week. He will be staying at my place until my lease is up the middle of July then we will move to another apartment which will be in both of our names. The new apartment is so nice. Everything is upgraded and the patio overlooks the tennis court. It's the same floor plan and is just around the corner of my old apartment. This should make a pretty easy move for us.

I'm so excited and a little nervous. We are so much in love and this should tell us if we can live together 24/7. I had my rules for our relationship or any relationship and they were that no sex until we were in a monogamous relationship and not live together until there was a ring on my finger. If things go well we are looking at April to get married. We met on April 21st last year, so that date is important to us.

Look how cute he is in my avatar.

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