I don't know. I tend to agree with RCW on this one. I have 2 kids of my own and I baby sit my nephews who are turning 1. Routines and sleepy clues work. Finding what is right for each baby works. With DD it was a little rocking, DS needed to work it out on his own, N1 needs quiet time, N2 does it alone like DS did. I needed and still need time to do other house stuff. I'm not about to spend all day rocking babies and refusing to vacuum because they don't sleep well.
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Agreed. and it's not like RCW said every can sleep 12 hours a night. She just said every baby sleeps. That's kinda a fact of life. Everyone needs sleep.

Funny post. Thanks for sharing. We were just having this conversation last night at a Sip and See.
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They're talking about sleeping thru the night. Not necessarily 12 hrs but a good stretch.

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