Jim and I are so much alike. Our birthdays are only 2 days apart. When we are together on the weekends we work so well together. We like doing the same things, we like the same food, we are very health conscious and enjoy cooking together, we like the same level of cleanliness, we both love to laugh. I feel we really compliment each other.

We've had our snags. Mainly because I've been divorced 22 years and he only 3 years. I'm very independent and he likes being the man and helping. I swear he won't even let me take a lid off of a jar. We've also had problems with his children accepting our relationship. They still hope mom and dad will get back together. They were married for 33 years. I know it's hard for them. It was hard for my children. I just need to be patient with them. They do like me.
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How old are his children??? I can't believe they are still giving you problems...being (I assume) adults and with already three years to adjust. sheesh

I hope it works out well for you!