They are all in their 30's and married. They all have children except for one and she's trying. This has been my issue. I've told Jim that they are grown ass people and need to want him to be happy. He feels a lot of guilt ending the marriage and his ex made a big scene with the kids. Crying, saying he was abandoning her, etc. They are very protective of her, except for one. The oldest daughter let her mom stay with her for a while and realized what a drama queen she is. This woman works and makes more than me and she is having Jim pay her $950 a month for spousal maintenance. It goes up if/when he makes more money. The only way it stops is if she remarries or dies. I told Jim that we need to either get her on or kill her. She is in a serious relationship, so we are crossing our fingers. Jim agreed to this arrangement 1) guilt 2) just wanted to get the hell out of a bad marriage. He talked about going back to court, but his kids had a fit. SO, anyway the kids have been a problem for me, but I'm letting it go. We love each other and are moving on with our relationship. If they don't like it, then "oh, well".