I found this, from a Daily Beast article, interesting

"Instead, the 911 operator for the Cleveland Police Department seemed unaware of the seriousness of the situation, quibbling with Berry over whether she was where she said she was or at the house next door, asking her to name the race and appearance of her captor, and apparently unclear about who was on the other end of the line."


Making sure of exactly where they need to go, and getting physical descriptors of the kidnapper is not important at all. :-/
That matters. It matters a great deal. Even if it is in the same vicinity, it matters and can help shave minutes off the proper response.

Things like this are simply a case of the public not understanding the nature of the job. Yes, things do need to be addressed with this dispatcher. Again, I have not heard the audio so I will wait to respond on that, but I do think there was probably a disbelief there. It's easy to think when so many calls are false reports and drug hallucination, but you can not treat it that way. Feel free to think it on the inside, but always act accordingly, because you never know.

I don't think the dispatcher should lose her job. They were found, and people were charged. That is the desired outcome. I do think that the dispatcher, depending on all circumstances, may need a little time off and may need to talk to someone. It's a very hard and demanding job and it can get to you from time to time. If she didn't care, she would not be there answering the phone and putting up with a lot of stuff. It is just sometimes easy to burn out and lose sight of that.

^ On that note: Officers and other responding units get debriefings and other services to help them after really bad or unusual calls. Dispatchers, 90% of the time, do not. You just push it all down, and go on. It's rare that someone even tells you the outcome of calls you handle. That is one of the worst parts of the job. You are kept in the dark, in many ways.
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