Yum but I don't have a real grill.

Almost finished with fried rice with beef and tofu. About to wash it down with some good old Coca Cola Classic.
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Are you one of ~those~ ppl who doesn't eat and drink at the same time? LOL

(I've heard mixed advice about this but I can't imagine eating a mel w/ no drink...)
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YES. I don't like to drink right before I eat either because it kills my appetite. I generally have water after I eat. Sometimes I get a craving for sweet tea or coke. I'm more of an eater than drinker. Drinking gets in the way and I don't taste my food as well if I mix in between. I like OJ in the morning too, but only alone or after I eat to wash it all down, oh so refreshing.

I don't do this for health reasons but I found out that apparently it is better to not mix and some say wait 30 mins after eating before drinking. I don't do this. I drink right after I'm done eating.