Thanks, and I really think no one is trying to diagnose, I'm just asking for other people's experiences and what has worked for them. Perhaps, I find someone that sounds just like my experience, and that might help me out. More so than these docs, they don't take it on themselves to scratch the scalp or even really get into the scalp. Like they're scared to touch my hair or something. Also, lots of people say that you need a salon-quality shampoo, not sure if it's true, but they say because they're PH balanced. How can we find natural, no sulfate poos that are pH balanced??? Anyone have a lowpoo that they know is pH balanced?
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What worked for them is based on them correctly identifying and treating the scalp condition they have, to me as a healthcare professional you are effectively seeking an amateur diagnosis even if you don't mean to be. Sounding like your experience really is not the way to get a proper diagnosis, all the conditions I have mentioned have very similar presentations. I'm not trying to be a nasty person, I am really concerned that you don't worsen your condition. Being blunt you have already had several failed attempts at 'curing' yourself.

I'm sorry you are getting such poor service from the consultants you have seen, can't you just ask for what you want since you are a paying customer? I'm in the UK so I don't really understand your healthcare system, but even with our free NHS I'd be very vocal about exactly what I want and expect if I'd had three failed attempts at getting a diagnosis. The other solution is to consult an excellent pharmacist, they can't formally diagnose but they can examine you, do have degree level qualifications in a subject allied to medicine, will have seen all the most common scalp disorders many times and will, of course, be au fait with all the latest treatments.

pH balanced means different things to different people: often cosmetics companies use it to mean neutral or pH 7 which is absolutely not what you need to protect your skin's acid mantle when you have a damaged skin barrier. I have no idea why anyone is telling you that you need a salon quality shampoo because actually they are just as likely to have additives that you should avoid IF you have an inflammatory, allergenic or irritant condition and can be a more concentrated form of the foaming surfactants. What medical qualifications do these people have that you are consulting?
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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