Dew point wash day: 61
Dew point next day: 67
Interesting weather?:

Cowash/Lowpoo: DO lowpoo; like this, lathers well yet feels slippy when using, rinsed clean without feeling too stripped or oily
RO: SS Caitlin's condish
Leave-in: SSI Okra condish
Styler(s): Volumax Mega gel

Styling Technique: okay so last night I didn't get good gel distribution so tonight I put in twice as much and tried to plop, hahaha! My hair was like a gooey helmet with bubbles and white oogy stuff. So I rinsed and tried again, Okra leave-in, scrunched out some water with a flour sack because my aquis has gel all over it now. , flipped and shook to loosen canopy then scrunched in gel in nickel size portions side-to-side and upside down, plopped with heat blast. Added a bit more gel with wet hands when I took down plop (@30 mins), pixie diffused till my hair got so hard it wouldn't compress well then went over it a bit from the top down. Hair is crispy and moderately damp, I sure hope its dry in the morning cause I'm gonna have to SOTC regardless, there's no way I'm going to work like this!

First Impressions: my hair feels weird never had such crispy hair before, having trouble believing it will be anywhere near soft tomorrow. Also, both times I rinsed this gel out my hair felt weirdly coated and dried out, that's why I lowpoo'd 2nd day in a row, gonna research the ingredients.

Next day results: OMG, I woke up with really wavy (crispy) hair, it scrunched out easily enough and my waves lasted the whole day! I even got two compliments!!! There was minimal frizz, got a little worse through the day though it was more like hairs that were escaping there clumps because of movement and touching it. I have to go to dinner with my Mom later so I added some DO spray gel with wet hands to calm it down some. I'll scrunch it out before I leave. I am super happy, and super peeved at myself for not trying a hard hold gel sooner.

New things to try: not sure about this gel, have two others to try and also interested in the Max Green sculpting gel, supposed to be similar to BRHG too (some threads/reviews compare gel I used to BRHG), Abba finish or style gels also look good, not sure about polyquats and peg-cones though.

Update after wearing all day, gel worked great, hair is still defined, shiny and looks good. Still want to try the Max Green gel when I can get my hands on it but I am really happy with the Volumax Mega and the price is great. Also, I looked up the first several ingredients and none were scary so I'm gonna stop worrying and be happy. Hahaha
Pic is from this morning after SOTC.
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This is what I'm happiest with right now.
Co-wash: CJ DailyFix
Lo-poo: DermOrganic low-poo
RO: SS Caitlin's co
Leave-in: SheScentIt Okra Repair condish
PT: SS Caitlin's + SS PT
Stylers: Volumax Mega Gel, Max Green Styling Gel, DermOrganics Spray Gel
Techniques: Plopping & Pixie Diffusing.
glycerin, honey, oils & butters Protein!

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