I have read reports of damage and breakage from boar bristle brushes on hair and beauty forums, I am not convinced there is any science showing they are any better than any other low snag brush. The claims seem to come from companies selling the brushes, for example Kent claim "Natural boar bristle will never damage human hair as they are both made of the same protein."
Completely illogical, human hairs can damage one another through friction!
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So there's no way of avoiding damage. Even the act of putting water on your hair is damaging, but that's not the point. I never said boar bristles were "better", I suggested them because their bristles tend to be softer and are better at smoothing my hair when trying to achieve a sleek look. When I made the switch I found it to be less damaging and helped me reduce the amount of breakage. Damage is unavoidable no matter what you do to your hair, it's how you take care of it that matters.

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