I've recently become a very big fan of Regis Olive Oil Conditioner. It doesn't have the best slip out of my conditioners, but I find it has a nice protein/moisture balance. My hair properties are not identical to yours (I'm fine/thick/normal/normal), but I decided to try it based on rave reviews from someone with your identical properties.
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Corrina, thank you for this rec! I finally found some ROO, and WOW. May be the best RO I've ever used. I think because it's thick it really stuck to my hair (which doesn't accept ROs very well). Smells like heaven, curls are soft, shiny, and very natural looking. Thank you! If it keeps working like this, it's my new HG!
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I just saw this today. I'm so glad you like it!! I was always accustomed to RO just sitting on my hair and providing enough slip to detangle, but I feel like my hair actually absorbs ROO, which is something I've only found with a small handful of other ROs. I generally leave most of it in now, rather than using a separate LI, which is something I couldn't do with the conditioners that just sat on top of my hair.

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