I think things are better socially than in earlier days, but I do think that the African holocaust is downplayed in the U.S. for some reason.

It just seems odd that you can have a society where people were tortured for centuries and not expect to have any repercussions. Also in no other place are peoples who have survived periods of internment referred to objectively as 'slaves or descendants of slaves' despite the fact that historically, in every early society whether the result of civil-war or foreign conflict people were imprisoned and in many instances forced to live in enslavement during that time of unrest (Christian enslavement during the pagan-era, Hebrew-enslavement in Ancient Africa, Asian enslavement, Harem-enslavement/concubines (not-wives) in the olde Middle-East, Africa, Turkey and ancient Greece, etc.- even contemporary children kidnapped and forced to work as sex-workers against their will or the caste system of India-Pakistan) , but those survivors and descendants are not taught globally in school that they are the descendants of 'slaves'-- although technically, there are a number of historical references to other peoples cultural times of 'internment' during conflict...
**People are not slaves, (and although wrongfully enslaved, during whatever war or colonization effort, etc., - slavery itself is a poor an adjective for the time of imprisonment, not for any ethnic group). As human beings are not objects/slaves..
Other peoples that have historically survived these types of atrocities don't have that type of problem because, unfortunately, racism, itself still exists.

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