I'm sitting at work and we're have a routine morning meeting so a completely normal start to the day, then out of know where my boss makes a comment about having a neat appearance and making sure all our hair is combed which then following him laughing a little.

I know the comment was directed to me because I decided to wear my hair with minimal product today and rock big hair for a change since the weathers not great here and my hair would fizz up anyway.

I'm not upset because I'm use to ignorant comments people say about my hair but I'm offended that he would say something so inappropriate in fornt of everyone.
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A boss is not supposed to do that in front of your co-workers. If he has a problem with you hair have a talk with him in public because it is very rude and unprofessional to do so in front of other employees.

If he does it again then bring it up to him saying how it offends you when he makes comments about your hair in which you were born with.
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Yeah next time I will say something if he feel the urge to make another dumb comments