springy, believe it or not, the pink (actually, kind of lilac) flowers are azaleas - it's just that the deer munch the living daylights out of them, so they're growing all spindly and leggy and weird. The deer really aren't very talented with their pruning efforts, ya know? Also, by the time they've had at those azaleas (they must taste extra good because they don't touch the ones out front), we hesitate to do much else to them right away. By the time fall rolls around, we just sigh and say "what's the use?" lol. I'll have to try and get them shaped better this fall.

The hostas had been planted out in front of the house by the previous owners, but it was way too sunny in that spot, and they'd just burn up in the summers here. We moved them to the side, and they've done beautifully there. And, yes, the deer will also munch those down to nubs at some point soon. I'll have to take an "after" pic when they do. It's lucky for the deer they're so darn cute.