lmao!! Too funny, but yeah people just don't understand that combs don't ever touch my hair.
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I'm half serious, he needs educating and there really is only one way of doing that, showing him what the result is be that on you or someone else. It is totally your boss' fault that he made a comment in a public situation rather than taking you to one side, it's acceptable for him to comment on grooming if you do have some sort of dresscode or expectations but it should have been done one-to-one and definitely no laughing. IMO it is not his fault that he doesn't know we curlies cannot brush or comb our hair without turning into a frizzball, that's the norm in many countries.

My own mother was totally shocked when she first saw my hair worn wavy-curly, she said it must have changed since I was little - nope, she sulphate shampoo'd, terry towelled and brushed my hair out. I had cherub curls as a baby, more of a triangular pouf as a child. She is supportive of me being curly but did once suggest I combed my hair, not being unkind just lacking in knowledge.
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