Actually I disagree with you and don't appreciate your rudeness. Yes, it's fine to tell your employees to present the company in a clean and groomed manner (like you said). However, to make a smirk or to make an employee feel targeted is NOT appropriate. I am not assuming, I KNOW that her boss is INDIRECTLY stating that bigger or even curly hair is not "groom appropriate." It's called being passive because he knows he CAN NOT tell the young woman that her hair isn't groomed. I APOLOGIZE I shouldn't have used discrimination because that is too strong of a word. Before you decide to attack a post, be nice, and thoroughly read. I don't appreciate you trying to point out everything wrong with my reply. There are a lot nicer ways to disagree. I have no problem with no one agreeing, but try to be kinder about it especially since it's the internet and I have to assume a tone when reading your post. THANKS. :-)

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