Pretty new to CG and just discovered I'm protein sensitive. I know some ingredients that are definitely proteins but I'm not sure about a few others.

Aloe? I believe aloe has protein but want to be sure that's correct.
Jojoba oil? I think I read somewhere this should be the only oil with protein.
Coconut oil? I know people can be sensitive to it and I'm wondering if it's because it has protein.

Please help! Thanks!
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Aloe vera in skincare and haircare products is usually a purified extract from the plant, generally contains little protein it is rich in humectants (polysaccharides = carbohydrates). A high quality AV inner leaf gel is considered to be hypo-allergenic because most of the allergens (almost always proteins) are removed or broken down to amino acids (completely water soluble).

Any pure oil is a pure fat it contains little to no protein, go to a grocery store and read the nutrition information if you have that listed on the packaging in your country. There is an awful lot of incorrect identifying of culprits and HG ingredients on many skincare and haircare boards.If you want to learn more there is a series of excellent articles here on NC by 'curl chemist' Tonya McKay, the Natural Haven blog is also superb for bringing cosmetic science to the layman.

Assuming you are purchasing good quality AV or oils I would be amazed if there is anything more than a trace of protein, absolutely not enough to build up on the hair and cause any problems at all. If you especially want to avoid even traces of protein choose a refined oil not an unrefined/ extra virgin cold pressed oil but be aware sometimes these are refined using solvents.
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