Twice at work now I've gotten compliments on my hair Makes me feel good whenever that happens cuz I love my curls and I'm so proud of them. My 2a bf wishes he had my hair cuz he gets jealous whenever he sees someone with an afro. (I don't think I have a fro, but he seems to think I do.) Just last week he randomly started boinging my curls out of nowhere, lol.
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So awesome! So many people at my job have given me compliments. I must admit that it has been so encouraging. Going natural at age 40 was scary (didn't know how people would react to my natural hair...weren't too many naturals in my area at the time). Since then four women at my job have gone natural and two of my aunts. It's so cool because they always come to me for hair advice. I am honored that my change helped them to embrace what God gave them and grateful to my daughter because without her I never would have made the change.

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