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I went to the dermatologist finally and he studied my scalp. He said that most likely the thinning was caused by a stressful event from a project I underwent 3 months prior to the start of the thinning. This can happen and is called telogen effluvium. For whatever reason the cowashing may have been exacerbating the shedding, which decreased radically after I stopped cowashing. I'm really relieved because I now know the cause of my thinning!

Bottom line is if you think your hair is shedding excessively or thinning, you should get yourself to the derm ASAP. If you think you're getting a negative reaction from anything you're doing or using, stop right away and consult your derm and/or your family doctor.

I searched and seen a lot of threads on this, and here I am to add my story as well.

I've been "accidentally CG" for at least 3 years now, as in I have been using low-poos and products w/out silicones, not brushing while dry, without knowing what CG was. I used to use Burt's Bees More Moisture Raspberry Shampoo and Condish, which did fine for my hair. They've discontinued this product, and then I got a bad haircut that gave me really really bad frizz around the same time, so I was searching for new products and a way to get my hair back in shape and came across the CG method.

I've been "intentionally CG" for 4 months now. I stopped using low-poos and started co-washing then. 4 months later I can actually feel a difference in the density of my hair. I've my studying my head all week... I wanted to make sure it wasn't just my imagination. Sadly it's not. My ponytail is smaller, and I can feel a difference when I run my hands through my hair. I'm also seeing more of my scalp when I put up my hair or part it in various places.

I'm really sad about this because cowashing was doing great things to my hair; it was soft, smooth and supple. But I guess it's not doing great things to my hair because it's thinning. I did notice while cowashing that huge gobs of my hair were coming out in the shower, but I've always been a shedder so I guess I didn't really get alarmed. I know we shed like 150 hairs a day... and I thought I was seeing less on the floor so I figured it would make sense to see more in the shower. But it is different now... it's not the regular shedding because my regular shedding has never made a difference in the overall density of my hair, which this has.

I'm thinking maybe it has to do with the manual friction of cowashing... like i'm literally ripping out more hairs in the cowashing process, and they're obviously not growing back as fast as I'm ripping them out. This issue is definitely not breakage... the hairs are coming out from the root not breaking mid-strand.

I have to add that I never had any scalp problems from co-washing. No itching, no buildup, no weird smells nothing. My scalp always felt clean and my hair felt great.... so I was completely on the CG wagon! Until this.

I don't know exactly what's going on but needless to say I've gone back to low-pooing. I just really hope I haven't done any permanent damage to my hair follicles or anything, and the hair will grow back normally.

I just wanted to share my story. I know cowashing works great w/ no bad side effects for many curlies, but I would feel I was doing a disservice if I didn't post my experience.

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