I thought low porosity and fine texture. They save average porosity and medium texture
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sKorpio, that's really not that different than what you thought and if your hair acts more like low porosity then maybe you're the lower end of medium. ShelleyRN(might not have username exactly right, sorry) has said she went to the LCLF salon and at first they thought she was medium/medium but after working with her hair decided it acted like fine/low porosity.

There is a thread dedicated to medium/medium hair on the medium porosity board, might be worth it to check it out, but if what you are doing is working than go by what the hair on your head says, not someone who only had access to a few strands of it. I'm not knocking the hair analysis, I'll probably do it eventually but the accuracy is only as good as the method used and the range or scale used and really we have no idea how she runs the testing.
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