Its been a wonderful, 2.5 carefree months with my Senegalese Twist, but its time to go! I absolutely loved the 16" twist; the convenience, the style, the time I saved NOT DOING HAIR!!

I hadn't had a run with synthetic braid, let alone long hair in a while. Styling was usually in a bun while working or a loose, flowing style for casual outings. I washed a total of 4x in a 10 wk period and moisturized as needed.

As protective as I thought I had been my hair has suffered damage. My edges have noticeable length/density reduction as well a tension breakage. As I have a long reparation ahead, what would someone in my position consider? Has anyone removed braids recently, what did you do to retain length and moisture the weeks ahead? DC Treatment, style, routine,etc.

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