this is scary, have you talked with your doctor to confirm it is in fact scalp massages that are causing your hair loss?
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I don't know whether or not it is the scalp massages that are causing the hair loss... it's just a hypothesis. It coud be due to, I don't know, overmoisturizing the scalp or maybe a specific ingredient in my co-wash that my scalp doesn't agree with.

I do have a medical check up coming up in about a month where I'll be getting regular bloodwork done which will help rule out any other possibilities. However I doubt my cowashing and my hair thinning is just a coincidence or that my cowashing and happened to coincide with something else which is thinning my hair. I haven't been doing anything different in terms of diet exercise, the way I sleep, stress, etc. Also, other people have posted on the boards with this exact problem so there's a thread here. (pardon the pun)

The average doctor would probably be perplexed as to why I would even be washing my head with conditioner. I don't believe the CG method is circulating medical journals nor is it high on doctors' priority lists. So if I've been doing something different, and it has negative effects, a doctor would probably just tell me to stop doing that thing and see if the problem persists, which is what I'm doing now anyway. Gone back to low poos and hoping to see some baby hairs soon.

Again I've been using low-poos for years now and had zero problems with them. This is a specifically conditioner-washing problem.