"I don't see how 'old' people could do all that, ergo they cannot possibly be old." - Firefox7275

Our culture has a real habit of thinking that older people can't do anything. Meanwhile, there are any number of vital older people who are in fact out there doing all kinds of things. But all too many people, especially women, seem to internalize the idea that it's all over as far as getting into shape, or even having real fun for matter, after 50. Such beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecy, thus they do less and less and cave to cultural stereotypes. It's up to US to bust those stereotypes in the ways we see fit
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I read some research studies some years ago for my last degree level qualification, one in particular I passed onto my parents and my father actually passed it on to others. Can't recall the detail anymore but the gist was that people in a care home with average age of something like 80 were given ability-appropriate strength training exercises to do. After a number of weeks all had become measurably 'fitter' and some were able to discard their walking aids.

Use it or lose it in black and white: we can't all run marathons at 100 but almost all of us can avoid some of the supposedly 'age related' decline in fitness and ability. Another study I read of suggested that regular Tai Chi halved the risk of falls in the over 50s or over 60s (forget which) - falls of course being linked to hip fractures. Some who fracture their hip never walk independently again so if you can avoid falling in the first place ....

It's ridiculous to describe 50 as old, that doesn't divide the expected lifespan up in any sort of meaningful or logical way. Some women still have young children at that age, occasionally someone falls pregnant then, men can continue to have children indefinitely so the human body doesn't seem to think 50 is 'old'. Arguably the body thinks our youth, defined as child bearing years, are done with at ('normal' not premature) menopause so you could say women enter middle age at that point.

Some decades ago 40 was considered the start of middle age, firstly the envelope has clearly been pushed there and secondly middle age doesn't last a mere ten years, we don't make 'old' people work full time for another ten or fifteen years up to 60 or 65. That is the age we can draw the state pension (AKA 'old age' pension) in the UK but even that is set to rise to 70 in recognition of our improving health wellbeing and longevity.
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